Winterkorn Counseling & Psychotherapy

Gretchen Winterkorn runs a psychotherapy practice in Tribeca. She needed to broaden her audience and step up her website from a simple blog to a more robust interface for communicating her offerings.

Her strong progressive approach is part of what makes her practice unique, and we decided to showcase that in a way that felt professional and knowledgeable. The mark itself is intended to communicate a sense of hope and the possibility of growth, the way her clients feel after emerging from a therapy session at her office.





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To maximize her SEO, we decided to continue using Wordpress for the website. Adding a sticky navigation with a booking feature made it easy for new and old patients alike to make an appointment or get in touch. Incorporating backgrounds with natural textures were intended to create a sense of strength and wisdom. Gretchen also worked with a photographer to help showcase her team at their best.