Skunk Factory

With cannabis on the brink of legalization, Skunk Factory prepared to launch with a line of vape kits and cartridges. We helped navigate the complex and frequently changing legal requirements for their packaging, with a tamper-evident, child-resistant box as compliant as it was stylish.

The unapologetic attitude of the company lent itself well into a design informed by streetwear. We took inspiration from caution tape and graffiti to give the brand a youthful, rebellious edge that was perfect for their audience. Printing white and metallic ink on a highly absorbent uncoated black stock was a challenge but worth the sleek finish.

When Skunk Factory was ready to release a line of flower, we evolved the design into stickers for a new form with a look that was both unique and cohesive with the vape products.




Noise 13

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Elaine Chaw
Christie Malvin


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